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JENSENART is a Graphic Design and Consulting firm, offering services and products in the following areas:

Graphic Design and Consulting Services

Graphic Design Services for both print and electronic media.
Consulting Services for Graphics, Design, Publishing, and General Business.

Digital Photo and Video Services

Digital Photo Editing/Restoration, Digital and Traditional Photography, Video Editing.

DVD Authoring Services

DVD Authoring Services, including Digital Video Editing and DVD Menu Creation.

Stock Photos and Graphics

Stock Photographs offered in CD Collections or Individually, with several licensing options.
CD Collections are generally offered with Personal/Non-Commercial Use Licensing.
Individual Images are available with Commercial Use Licensing.
See the Art Page for more details.

Layout, Typesetting, and Publishing Services

Extensive experience in book publishing.
Available services include editing, illustration, book/publication design, layout and typesetting.

To find out more about JENSENART and the Owner/Principal click on the following document link:

abtowner.pdfAbout the Owner/Principal (103KB)

For more information about specific services or to inquire about contracting with JENSENART. . .

SendEmailSend e-mail to Gary J. Jensen at gjjensen@jensenart.com


Whatís New

The TECHSTAR pages are no longer hosted by JENSENART.

JENSENARTô can now be accessed at the following domains:
                                  www.jensenart.com [This site]

The second (backup) website at http://www.jensenart2.com is (at least for now) a mirror image of the main website.

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Watch this spot for really hot new items.

Work has started on the Art Page! Itís still Under Construction, but the basic template is there now. Watch for new additions!


News & Notes

Check here for general news and notes.of interest. Perhaps also some personal commentary.


Coming Soon

In this section, Iíll keep you updated as to what to expect over the next few weeks [short term planned updates].

Watch for the Artpage to start filling out. Plans include Stock Photos & Graphics, a Gallery section, a Tips&Techniques section, and more!



Please be patient. Weíre working on it. . . .
Art Page items should start appearing pretty soon. And there will be more information about JENSENART services & products.


More Information

Send e-mail to Gary J. Jensen at gjjensen@jensenart.com

These pages were created for Netscape Navigatorô 4.0 or later and Adobe Acrobat® 3.0/4.0 or later.
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If you have any comments, problems, or suggestions, send me an e-mail message.

SendEmailSend e-mail to Gary J. Jensen at gjjensen@jensenart.com


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